Desperately Seeking Paul : Paul Weller Fan Podcast

EP102 - Claire Mahoney - Journalist, Broadcast, Editor on The Jam, Paul Weller & Mod… ”I’m sitting watching rainbows…”

July 5, 2022

For Episode 102 of the Paul Weller Fan Podcast, I am joined by journalist, editor and broadcaster Claire Mahoney - an active member and influential promoter of the Mod scene with a passion for music, fashion, art and culture.
We'll hear all about her teenage discovery of The Jam, and a love affair that has lasted a lifetime.
Claire has written extensively about the mod scene and made regular appearances on BBC Radio Wales to speak about The Jam, Paul Weller, Mod and 60s soul music.
We'll hear more about her latest project Detail Magazine - a print publication dedicated to offering a more in-depth look at the UK’s most stylish subculture – Mod and her book Welsh Mod.

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