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EP109 - Steve Pilgrim - Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Weller Bandmate… ”To reappear so beautifully, a technicolour effigy…”

August 23, 2022

Steve Pilgrim - drummer, singer & songwriter joins me on this episode of the podcast.

Another huge talent from the Paul Weller band.
Paul is quoted as saying on Steve: "One of the great understated modern songsmiths. I love Pilgrims voice, his lyrics, his sense of melody. I hope people get to hear his music, it’s really something special”

Ex-The Stands, Cast, John Power and John Head, Steve joined the Paul Weller band in 2008 for the 22 Dreams tour ( following on from drumming legends Steve White and Rick Buckler when you think about it! - something that we discuss on the podcast).

Steve has been a key fixture of the band ever since. Both live behind the kit - touring the world multiple times - and on record from Wake Up The Nation through to Fat Pop.

As Andy Lewis said on the podcast, "Steve is a better singer-songwriter than he is a drummer, and he's a fantastic drummer..."

Our podcast begins with a text from Paul Weller that was the only inspiration Steve Pilgrim needed to finish the writing of his much-anticipated sixth album ‘Beautiful Blue’...

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