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EP113 - Little Jo Ruocco - Honorary Councillor, Drummer & Percussionist… ”I wonder how she feels today…”

September 20, 2022

From growing up in Long Island, USA to picking up the sticks aged 4 to guesting with the Mercer Ellington orchestra at just 13 years old, to playing with Chuck Berry and then coming to London in the 1980s - it's fair to say that Jo Ruocco has had a pretty incredible journey in life.

Her connection with Paul Weller kicks in with the final stages of The Style Council's 4th studio album Confessions of a Pop Group. At the time, Steve White had just left the band for The Jazz Renegades and Steve Sidelnyk had moved stateside (more on his incredible story in a future podcast...) - cut to a memorable answerphone message for Little Jo from Paul...

Recording shortly afterwards at Solid Bond, you can hear Jo on drums and percussion for How She Threw It All Away and on the album closer Confessions of a Pop Group.

The release of the 1234 EP in 1988 led with How She Threw It All Away for promo, but was billed as 'A Summer Quartet' - You can also hear Jo as part of The Mixed Companions playing I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side (written by Mick Talbot) and on Love For The First Time.

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