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EP16 - Dennis Munday - on The Jam, The Style Council & Life at Polydor - “Oh baby I’m dreaming of Monday…”

February 23, 2021

My guest is Former Record Industry Executive, Dennis Munday.

Working for Polydor, Dennis effectively became an honorary member of both The Jam and The Style Council - often being the vital link between Paul Weller and record company, Polydor.

Dennis takes us on a journey from a love of Jazz to working with the best f***ing band in the world - The Jam.

We hear incredible tales of recording those hit songs and albums, a link to The Beatles that you may not know about, to the band on tour plus how Paul split the band and created The Style Council with Mick Talbot, how Dennis discovered Drummer, Steve White, the success of Cafe Bleu & Our Favourite Shop to the rejected final album.

We even touch on the Weller comeback in the early 90s and what is left in the magical archive!

It's an incredible story so strap in for an amazing ride.

NB: Dennis now lives in Italy - where the internet is less than fabulous so the audio quality on this one isn't outstanding - I hope you enjoy!

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