EP20 - Zeke Manyika - Honorary Councillor (The Style Council) - “Gather every man, Gather every woman…”

Our Style Council Celebration continues with drummer, percussonist & singer - Zeke Manyika

Winning the accolade of 1st Honorary Councillor - listed on the back of the 'Speak Like a Child' sleeve with Tracie Young - Zeke was part of The Style Council before it even existed - working with Paul and Mick on 3 of the first 4 singles.

As part of Orange Juice, Zeke tour up the charts in the early 80s before working with The The, The Zeros, Route 66, Mark Almond and more recently Faze Action.

In the early 90s, it was Zeke that Paul Weller turned to to enhance the sound of The Paul Weller Movement - his first solo venture after the break of The Style Council.

Check out Zeke on Spotify here

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