EP23 - Jaye Ella-Ruth - Honorary Councillor (The Style Council) - “Keep on diving til I reach the ends”

We have a proper exclusive for Episode 23 as my guest is Jaye Ella-Ruth, formally known as Jaye Williamson.

Jaye toured the world with The Style Council in 1984, performing as an Honorary Councillor on BBC Sight and Sound In Concert, and the Far East And Far Out Live video. 

You can also hear her vocals on the Groovin’ EP and 1998's LP 'The Style Council in Concert'. 

You're in for a real treat as Jaye has never spoken about her time working with Paul Weller and The Style Council!

Post TSC, she was a member of The Brand New Heavies, recording their first album and single, and original member of Yes No People (who later became Stomp).  

Jaye toured and recorded with many artists, such as Imagination, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Michael McDonald, Jermaine Stuart, Whitney Houston, Donny Osmond, Ce-Ce Penniston, Talk Talk & Errol Brown...

Watch Far East Far Out - Council Meeting in Japan and the Big Boss Groove Video

Find out more about From The Style Council

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