EP24 - Ashley Slater - Honorary Councillor (The Style Council) - “You can be all that you want to be…”

Grammy nominatted singer, songwriter, producer and trombonist, Ashley Slater joins us on Episode 24 - (6 out of of 7 special Honorary Councillor podcasts)

Ashley emigrated to England in 1977, where he joined the regimental band of the Royal Scots - serving in the army for 6 1/2 years - before joining the jazz orchestral collective Loose Tubes

As an Honorary Councillor, he played on the single version of The Lodgers 'A newly recorded version presented to you by public demand' which featured The Style Council's biggest studio entourage to date plus The Orange Album (The Cost of Loving LP) on tracks Walking The Night and Fairy Tales.

In 1993, he began working with Norman Cook on the now seminal band, Freak Power. They had a Europe-wide number 1 hit in 1995, following use of their tune "Turn on, Tune in, Cop Out". 

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