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EP31 - Le SuperHomard AKA Christophe Vaillant - French Musician & Weller Remixer - “Oh heavenly thing, please cleanse my soul…”

April 27, 2021

This week, we head across the English Channel to the South of France for a chat with LE SUPERHOMARD AKA Christophe Vaillant.

A french musician with a history of mod-styled formations, like the band The Strawberry Smell and Pony Taylor - and a love of the music of Paul Weller!

In early 2019, his debut album Meadow Lane Park was not only dreamlike and enchanting, but the critics loved it - and it you read any interview with Paul Weller at the time - he was likely to be raving about it too!

He even included the song 'Black Diamond' in his ten favourite songs of 2018 for UNCUT.

Their musical chemistry doesn’t end there, as LE SUPERHOMARD went on to remix ON SUNSET for the 2020 EP featuring new versions of songs from Paul Weller's Number One LP!

Christophe Vaillant is back with a new album - available from 30th April 2021 = Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard - ‘Once’ - a timeless collection of sophisticated orchestral pop.

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