EP34 - Polly Birkbeck - PR Guru (for Paul Weller and others!) - “I fumble for change and pull out the Queen, smiling, beguiling…”

On this episode I'm joined by PR Guru, Polly Birkbeck (the lady who looks after press for the main man - Mr Paul Weller!)

Polly started her career as A&R assistant in the early 90s at Food Records (label for Blur, Jesus Jones, Diesel Park West and others) before heading over to Savage & Best PR where she was Head of Press working with the likes of Pulp, Suede, Elastica and Menswear during the crazy days of BritPop!

She moved to v2 Records in 2000 and has worked with Paul Weller ever since - including for the past 15 years on her own venture, Complete Control PR

Polly has loads of lovely stories of working with Paul, and even a nice surprise about the Black Barn crew and this little podcast thing!

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