EP42 - Rick Buckler - The Jam - Drummer “….the absolute luck is - love is in our hearts!”

My very special guest on this episode is Rick Buckler - drummer for The Jam!

Described as 'the big beat behind all of those great songs' and 'the perfect drummer for the perfect bands', Rick tells his story from the early days learning the instrument, to meeting Paul, Steve Brookes and Bruce Foxton at Sheerwater School in Woking.

We hear about the early days playing 50s and 60s favourites around Surrey to finding their own voice through a blend of rock, punk, mod and new wave, to signing with Polydor through to those incredible singles, albums, live performances and the personal triumphs - and ultimately how it all came to an end in 1982.

A man proud of the legacy and music that endures to this day.

You can also find out more by reading Rick's story in the book - That's Entertainment: My Life in The Jam- written with Ian Snowball - available here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thats-Entertainment-My-Life-Jam/dp/1783057947/


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