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EP47 - Steve Trigg - Trumpet Player / Arranger / Composer - Stone Foundation…

July 20, 2021

My latest guest is known by Paul Weller as The General.

Steve Trigg - Professional Trumpet Player, Performer, Arranger, Composer and Producer.

We kick off with his love of The Jam and dive in to stories with Stone Foundation and playing with Paul at the Royal Albert Hall and on the Forest Tour 2019.

Steve wrote, played and arranged the horn section on Paul Weller's Mother Ethiopia EP along with tracks on the Number One LPs - On Sunset ( Old Father Tyme & More) and Fat Pop (Volume 1) (True, Glad Times, Moving Canvas & Still Glides the Stream) and Fat Mix on the Deluxe version of the LP.
In 2016, Steve got a call to join Stone Foundation full time - just at the point that the band was about to head into the studio to record a new album produced by and featuring Paul Weller, so of course he jumped at the chance!

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