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EP49 - Kathryn Williams - Singer - Songwriter - Author “When you gonna find the strength to be, clear your mind of the darkness that you see.”

August 3, 2021

My latest guest is the magnificent singer-songwriter (and now published author!) Kathryn Williams.

Kathryn has released eleven full-length albums under her own name (and more with various side-projects) since her debut LP, Dog Leap Stairs, was released in 1999.

A massive Paul Weller fan herself - Kathryn's songs have also been called out by Paul as favourites over the years - with him picking the song Heart Shaped Stone in his top ten 45s in Mojo Magazine earlier this year.

Kathryn tells stories of sharing the stage with Paul, visiting Black Barn Studio and a very special upcoming collaboration too (with one of my favourite stories so far on this podcast) along with the story of her career, inspirations and techniques to create those beautiful, heart-felt, honest songs.

Check out Kathryn's amazing back catalogue at and find her novel The Ormering Tide here


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