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EP53 - Steve Brookes - Singer, Songwriter - The Jam Co-Founder - ”Take me back there again, let me feel the same way…”

August 31, 2021

My latest guest is Steve Brookes - co-founder of The Jam with his childhood best mate Paul Weller.

We talk about those early days of The Jam - writing songs, recording demos and gigging around Surrey.

We find out why he left the band in September 1975 and took a long break from music and performing before his return in 2008.

We chat about Steve's approach to music, his friendship with Paul and their work together in recent years.

You can hear Steve playing on Paul's albums - 22 Dreams, Wake Up the Nation, Saturns Pattern, Jawbone, True Meanings, On Sunset and Fat Pop (Volume 1) so dive back in to those to spot his work!

Order the new Steve Brookes CD - Tread Gently - which features Paul Weller & Ben Gordelier here

2017's Voodoo Zoo - here

2014's Vintage Troubadour - here

The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe LIVE with Paul Weller and Steve Brookes on YouTube here

Plus Steve's Channel on YouTube

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