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EP55 - Sam Brown - Musician, Singer, Songwriter - ”We talk and we talk until my head explodes”

September 7, 2021

My special guest in this episode is musician / singer-songwriter Sam Brown!

Sam has enjoyed huge international success as a solo artist since crashing the Top 10 with her song 'Stop' in the late 80s.  She's worked with some of the world's biggest music stars including Deep Purple, Gary Moore, George Harrison, Small Faces, Nick Cave and Tina Turner.

Sam performed with Paul Weller at the Ronnie Lane: One for the Road Memorial Concert in 2001 and sang on his Studio 150 LP in 2004 and with Jools & Paul on the recording of Will It Go Round in Circles.

In July 2006 Sam started to experience problems with her voice and her music career veered off in a completely different direction. Sam now teaches ukulele. She has over 150 pupils and teaches in Oxfordshire, under the Umbrella name of The Fabulous Ukulele Club.

Links to Songs

Jools & Sam with Paul Weller on Will It Go Round in CirclesLink Here

Paul Weller - Studio 150 - Sam sings on All Along The Watchtower and Birds - Link here 

Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert - The Poacher - Ooh La La - Spiritual Babe

You can also find links to Sam Brown on Spotify here and Homespun here


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