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EP57 - Hannah Peel - Award-winning Composer, Artist, Musican - ”Dancing through the fire, just to catch a flame…”

September 21, 2021

My special guest this week is Hannah Peel - composer, artist, musician, arranger, producer, late night broadcaster and synth-pop pioneer!

Not only is her own work an inspiring and ambitious blend of projects that will blow your musical mind but she also added her orchestration skills to Paul Weller's incredible recent albums True Meanings, On Sunset and Fat Pop.

PLUS who can forget those incredible two gigs at Royal Festival Hall in 2018 that turned into the magnificent Other Aspects Live album? WOW!

Find Hannah Peel's website at and her back catalogue to buy here 

The Unfolding - Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra with Charles Hazlewood in Bristol on 1st October - tickets available - limited availability - here

You can also listen on Spotify

  • 2011: The Broken Wave
  • 2016: Awake but Always Dreaming
  • 2017: Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia
  • 2018: Particles in Space
  • 2019: Chalk Hill Blue
  • 2019: Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch
  • 2020: The Deceived
  • 2021: Fir Wave

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