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EP62 - Jon Abnett - Designer / Author - From the Floorboards Up - ”When we play, we play, we play!”

October 14, 2021

My latest guest is life-long Weller fan Jon Abnett. Known as Mr Jam - he has contributed to the band's boxset releases and designed for some great band related books over the years including Thick As Thieves, In The Crowd and The Jam Unseen.

His new book is From the Floorboards Up! A unique fans’ perspective photographic book following the icon that is Paul Weller.

All the photos in this new book are from live events in the UK and overseas, taken from 1990 to 2019. Containing many unseen shots all taken by the fans! It’s a very unique book, with narrative by Pat Gilbert (MOJO), interviews with fans and reflections from some bands lucky enough to have supported Paul on tour during those 30 years.

You can order at

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