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EP67 - Andy Crofts - Musician - Weller Bandmate - The Moons - ”I‘ve been travelling through a tunnel of time now I need to break away…”

November 16, 2021

This episode was a massive thrill to record as I'm joined by Andy Crofts - a who has been part of the Paul Weller band since 2008!. Musician, singer-songwriter, photographer, he's got a weekly radio show, he's a record label boss, heck he's even made music videos for Paul and created an outstanding Weller film-documentary called One.

Andy is also the founding member of the fabulous indie-band The Moons who released their own fabulous album - Pocket Melodies - in 2020 too.

Back in September Andy announced that he would have to stay home this winter to care for his family rather than head out on tour with Paul and co.


BOOK - Paul Weller: Photographs by Andy Crofts -



ONE - PAUL WELLER - Documentary - On YouTube

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