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EP69 - Steve Ellis - Love Affair - Boom Bang Twang! - ”Yes, it feels like it‘s gonna last…”

November 30, 2021

My latest special guest is British Soul Singer / Legend - Steve Ellis.

As lead singer with the 1960’s chart-topping Mod-Soul outfit Love Affair, Steve’s vocals had the kind of powerhouse range that made you sit up and notice.
We'll hear stories from across his career along with performances with Paul Weller, and their great friendship (Steve talks about Paul being like a Brother to him, Paul says 'He's my mate and I love him dearly") and how they came to create an album together called Boom Bang Twang!
Released in 2018 - it was a mix of new songs and covers, recorded at Black Barn (Weller HQ) with guests and long-time friends including Paul (who also produced the album) along for the ride.

The album also has loads of lovely Weller connections - with band-members Andy Crofts, Ben Gordelier, Steve Pilgrim, Steve Cradock and Charles Rees (Black Barn Engineer) all playing on the LP.

Dive in to the podcast to hear all about it - and head to my new website at to find out more, with links to the songs, videos and album that we talk about in the podcast.

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