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EP80 - Nicole Nodland - Photographer - Paul Weller & Prince… ”Come and rock my dreams but take the chance for me”

February 1, 2022

On this episode I’m joined by the fabulous force of nature that is Nicole Nodland.

Not only was she personal photographer to global superstar - Prince - living at Paisley Park, touring the world with the band and documenting his life on photo and film - but her portfolio including icons such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, George Clinton and more recent artists such as Lana Del Ray, Sam Smith and Dua Lipa.

Nicole entered the world of Paul Weller around True Meanings, taking that super cool shot for the album cover and she worked with Paul through Other Aspects and On Sunset… we talk about that and of course the mega talent that was Prince…
Her clients include Gucci, Vogue, Elle, Billboard, Virgin Records, Sony, Universal, and Warner Music to name a few.

Her photography has featured in the British Journal of Photography, Zoo and Graphics International.

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