Desperately Seeking Paul : Paul Weller Fan Podcast

EP89 - Steve ’Tufty’ Carver - Recorded Live at The Cockpit… ”Long live the weekend, the weekend is here…”

April 5, 2022

Steve ‘Tufty’ Carver is my very special guest on this episode - recorded in front of a live audience at London's Cockpit Theatre.
Woking born and bred, Steve has been friends with Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton, and Rick Buckler for over 45 years.

Known to everyone as Tufty - he calls himself ‘a friend, fan and eventually a "roadie" with The Jam’, and shares plenty of stories - from watching his mates going from playing gigs in Woking to Wembley, to the World.

To quote Tufty "I will never every say that is was nothing really. It was everything. Life changing moments!"

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