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EP01 - Stuart Deabill - Soul Deep (Adventures with The Style Council) - “Getcha mining soul deep - with a lesson in history…”

December 1, 2020

"If we get through for two minutes only, it will be a start!" 

Welcome to Episode 1 of Desperately Seeking Paul - The World's First Paul Weller Fan Podcast.

We kick off with special guest, author, Stuart Deabill, one of the team behind the brilliant new book ‘Soul Deep - Adventures With The Style Council’.

It celebrates “probably the best pop group in the world” with words, images and love from former band members, fans and associates.

The Book features new and exclusive interviews with Mick Talbot, Steve White, Camelle Hinds, Simon Halfon, Nicky Weller, Billy Bragg, Gary Crowley, Tracie Young, Dennis Munday, Zeke Manyika, Eddie Piller, Norman Jay MBE, Daniel Rachel, Wendy May, Mark Baxter, Brendan Lynch and many others.

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